The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is a 14 speed entry level road bike, which will be a perfect fit for commuting in order to go to work.

You don’t have to go an extra mile when it comes to searching for the best commuting bike. You are exactly looking at the bike that is going to provide you acceptable speed to go to work. It’s a single unit that is purposely made for road use. The integrated shifter goes with the STI brake lever, which gives you tight brakes whenever you need it.

It’s an awesome unit that could help you get to work and at the same time exercising your body. You might want not to speed too much for that could make you look sweaty when you arrive to your workplace.

Bike’s Brand: Vilano

Type: Shadow Road Bike- Shimano STI Integrated shifters with aluminum frame

Model Number: 550-SHADOW-BLK-50-P



This bike comes from a reliable brand. It is lightweight, so when it comes to portability this could be a great pick. The seat post and the handle bar are made from alloy and the frame is made from Aluminum frame. For riders who want to take riding seriously, this will help you to have a great start. The design of this bike is road-friendly and the features are truly sufficing when it comes to catering your transportation needs. If you’re really up for some relaxing and safe ride, you should pick this Vilano bike- purposely made to be reliable and attractive. It comes with a Shimano technology that is empowers the specs to last-long even if you’re destination takes hours to reach for.

Who’s this bike for?

Anyone can use it. But mainly, it purposely made for riders who are looking for a means of transportation to go to their workplace. It gives you a comfortable ride that helps you to dedicate time for fitness. It’s an ideal road bike to purchase if you’re looking forward to use it for commuting purposes. Both men and women can use this bike and it comes in 2 color mainly black and white with attractive details on the side. It’s an amazing bike that we’re quite sure you’d love riding on. It’s totally reliable for longer-hours of travel, so you definitely get what you pay for. You can definitely use this bike whatever your gender is since you can choose any color you wish to use.

More info on the Specs:

If you’re still feel skeptical whether the product is worth to buy. It’s maybe because you just lack information about its specs. The frame is made from lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame. Both of the seat post and the handlebar are made from alloy. It’s a 14-speed road bike with a dual pivot alloy caliper brakes. The pedal comes in purchase, so you don’t have to buy in separately. The tires are in 700c x 25c. It is run by a KMC chain. It’s super convenient to use and we’re quite sure that you’ll enjoy the joy rides you’ll spend with this Vilano bike.

The lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame has an integrated headset and the seat post as well as handlebar are made of alloy. It is totally comfortable to ride on and it has a great intended design function that you’ll surely love. The bike is intended for commuting, so if you’re in search for a perfect bike for mountain climbing, then this will not be a good one to look at. But don’t worry there are many mountain bikes out there that are made for heavier duties.


It’s an entry level road bike, so you don’t need to have any prior biking experience just to try riding this one on. It comes with a reasonable price that is not too expensive nor too affordable for whatever you intend to use it for. It can also be a great good-looking casual bike that you can take to formal events. But if you need it for commuting needs, it can also serve as one as well. The assembly instructions of this bike is super easy to follow, they are purposely made comprehensive so you can get it done between 15 to 20 minutes, which is one of the amazing things about this bike.


There could be grinding or warping sounds that it makes when you ride it on. The components of this bike is good, but no great if you’re looking to use it for heavier purposes. But if you’re only after to hit the road, the quality of this bike will be just a good fit.

Final Verdict

Just like any other bikes, it has flaws, but we still do think that it’s an ideal road bike to go for people who are a little tight on the budget and who needs a reliable bike to transport them from one place to another. The bike is made with durable materials, so you can rest assured that you’re up for good when you go with this Vilano Shadow Road Bike. Live life and go for it!



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