The Aluminum Road Bike, which is also the Commuter Bike Shimano of 21 Speed and 700c, is a straightforward road bike that suits the cost mindful beginner cyclist perfectly. They can do a lot with it. Below we take a look at several aspects of this bike that are going to help you in knowing more before you proceed to get the bike

This is an ideal entry level road bike at an amazingly low price. Our satisfaction guarantee comes with every Aluminum Road Bike purchased. Free pedals!

The Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Road Bike from Vilano is a reasonably priced entry level cycle having 21 speed sets and it is considered among the best sellers of Vilano. This bike’s characterized by an aluminum frame that has a light weight and also a drivetrain from Shimano having shifters mounted with A050 handlebar.

It features free pedals and also has a weight that’s a great deal less compared to all additional road bikes of the same caliber that are present in the market place. Actually, it has the least weight among its class.

Being amongst the trendiest Vilano bikes, Aluminum 21 Speed Shimano Road cycle is a regularly purchased bicycle among entry level bikers and also among those on a tight budget who are keen on a respectable cycle to take on the road for spare time riding, fitness, commuting, and additional forms of cycling.

Being the lightest weighing among its class this model features frame fashioned out of 6061 dual Butted Aluminum, which offers the bike potency and incredible lightweight for unproblematic hauling. Its Shimano derailleurs and tires of 700c x 25c make this bike ideal for metropolitan highway comfort and health.

It is available in three colors, namely, White, black and Grey and all of the weigh less than 25 lbs.

Its overall appearance is visually pleasant for all riders with its solid color formats looking great. This bike had been made with the metropolitan riders in mind and every different environment and use they’re going to take a ride in.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike


It is offered in three sizes, which are, Small measuring 50 cm, Medium measuring 54 cm, and Large measuring 58 cm.

Technical details and characteristics

· It has a 6061 dual Butted Aluminum Frame

· It has 21 Speed sets

· Its Fork is 700c, 1 1/8 inch, and Threadless

· It has Shimano A050 Shifters

· It has Shimano Front & rear Derailleur

· Its Crankset is 50/40/30 and is of Alloy Triple

· Its Freewheel has 7 Speeds

· Its Wheelset features 700c dual Walled Machined Sides of CNC Alloy

· Its Tires are 700c x 25c

· It has KMC chain

· It has Alloy Caliper Brakes

· Its Headset is1 1/8 inch and is Integrated

· Its Handlebar is of Alloy

· Its Seatpost is of Alloy 27.2

· Its Saddle offers Urban Comfort


This model has several positive facets. This makes grand bike for all beginners who are keen on an economical bike having parts that are capable of taking a little damage while they learn riding and training

Amongst its finest aspects is its weight.

Its Shimano A050 Shifters happen to be rock-hard to the point of being faultless, and handles awfully well. The shifting is going to facilitate an uphill ascend and a more even ride.


Just like the greater number of Vilano as well as additional road bikes on a budget, the tires are nothing but dreadful.

The tape on its handle bar is also inclines to get loose easily.

Its shifters aren’t incorporated with its brakes. Despite the fact that its shifters do a great job in the changing of gears, occasionally you have got to be especially careful to guarantee the correct changing of gear. Also, more than a few riders are unable to reach its gear shift levers easily and are able to get the tip of their fingers to it.

A number of users have reported issues with poorly adjusted brakes. However, this is fixable with calibration.

Best parts

The best parts of this bike from Vilano are its frame, its shifters, and its design.

Its dual butted frame of Aluminum is well-built and weighs the least among its class. Its Shimano shifters, though not incorporated, are grand and shift gears effortlessly. It has an attractive design. This is ideal for learner cycle riders.


Coming to its functionality, its pros outnumbers the cons. The downsides are the brake tuning, tires, and un-integrated shifters. Amongst these, the matter of un-integrated shifters is not really a downside and is more of a matter of client preference.

Overall, it functions quite well for its price. On replacing the tires, you’ll have a grand bike that you can use for hundreds/ thousands of miles.


The Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano from Vilano is there for the taking on Amazon for a price of between $278 and $290, based on its color and size. Amazon is also going to deliver it to your doorsteps.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike


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