Have a look at the review given below of the Aluminum Road Bike of 700 c from Merax and check whether it’s okay you. Below we illustrate to you the pros, the cons, the best parts, the excellence of the elements, what some riders have experienced. Read on so that you can make a really well-informed decision

A long time has passed since Merax became a household name in the sphere of biking. They‘re especially acknowledged for the road racing bikes they make and their reliability.

At present, the Merax cycle that is ranked 3rd among the trendiest road bikes on Amazon has more to it than merely being a spare time ride/commuter. This bike had originally been designed keeping racing in mind. Durability and speed are at its core. It also has the well-built yet light weighing aluminum frame and rapid release frontside wheel that offer you the freedom of riding anyway you like.

You have the option of customizing the bike as it has upgradeable parts, and yet save a great deal compared to purchasing a pricier model.

This Merax 21 Speed is great for those on a budget and seeking a bike under $200. Without a ton of money to spend, you can ride this bike with its stock parts, or for greater performance, you can upgrade one or two component parts for just a few bucks more and save money while creating for yourself a bike of quality and durability.

This is basically amongst the entry level road racers made for rate and for any person who keens on a pleasant, respectable budget-friendly bike. Costing below $200, this is a first-rate substitute for road bikes having an average cost of between $500 and $3,500.

It features a light weighing Aluminum frame weighing 27.5 pounds. This weight is perfect for velocity and also solid robustness.

You can pick from two colors and three sizes.


Technical details and characteristics

· Aluminum Frame having a new design

· It has 21 Speed sets

· It weighs 27.5 lbs

· Its Front Derailleur is Shimano AFDTZ31DM6T

· Its Rear Derailleur is Shimano ARDTZ50GSDT

· Its Shifters are Shimano SLA050LB/RA

· Its Brakes are of Alloy Caliper

· It has Kenda 7 x 28c tires

· It has Aluminum rims of A5 700c x 14G x 36H

· The width and depth of its Handlebar are 420mm and 22.2mm respectively

· Its Seat Post is of Aluminum, PR-P1-0

· Its Pedals are 700c x 14G x 36H

· It has an Aluminum Bottle Cage

· Its Front Wheel has Quick-Release technology


It’s offered in three sizes of 50 cm, 54 cm, and 58 cm


While entry level bikes of additional brands have quality issues. Merax 21 is extremely decent regarding its functionality and quality.

Its sturdy and light weighing aluminum frame is a great plus point.

Its Speed is positively more than additional road bikes.


You get this bike already assembled. However, for the optimal performance and security, you should spend some bucks fir having it assembled and also tuned up at any of the local bike shops.

It would be prudent to substitute its tires & brakes. You can get very upright brakes fir as less as about $10.

Its brakes are inclined to chafe the front side rim originally and this is another explanation for performing a plain tune-up of this bike.

Best parts

The best parts of this bikes are the frame build, speed, Shimano shifters/ gears, and the front wheel with quick release technology.

The quick release’s great and facilitates the taking off of the tire. It functions as a grand anti-theft restraint!

It’s light weighing and yet well-built aluminum frame’s ideal for road use while being modernized for racing.


The functionality is this bike’s rather impressive if you take its low price into consideration. Merax features rather respectable parts where it matters the most. Besides its tires & Alloy Caliper brakes, it’s other parts won’t need replacements.

Its aluminum frames makes it sturdy and also slick for racing.

Its stock derailleurs & shifters work perfectly.

According to some riders, it is worthwhile to install a new set of STI Shifters besides replacing the bike’s tires and brakes. Fir this you would do well by engaging a professional.

This bikes has some of both road bikes and cyclo-crosses and thus are just right for all the people who are keen on changing their schedule and taking to the thoroughfares for diverse reasons that include fitness, racing, entertainment, time off, assembly biking, and all that.


The bike’s price is definitely its best aspect.

Novice bikers, Road racers, and all those keen on a reasonably priced /or beginner’s cycle that they have the option of growing in and even upgrading with the passage of time are going to get the finest option in this bike.

You are able to get the 21 Speed Aluminum Road Bike of 700 c from Merax on Amazon by paying anywhere between $189.99 and $199.99.



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