If you are a bike lover who loves experimenting with new bikes, you should try out the new Merax Finiss Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano shifter and derailleur, which is a 28-pound road-racing bicycle that is ideal for amateurs.

The Merax Finiss Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano has a strong and a lightweight frame that makes it suitable to ride and can also carry riders up to 330 pounds. This bicycle is available in three colors and three sizes of 50cm, 54cm, and 58cm as well.

You can choose between three attractive designs which are two toned that include green and black, red and white, as well as yellow and gray. All the designs are attractive and have their own looks and they are perfect for both men and women. The seat can be shortened as well as lengthened according to the rider’s preference and the bike can thus be used by tall people as well as people who are short.


Features of the bicycle

Shimano bicycle has an aerodynamic frame and wheels that has been designed for riding long distances. The bike has a sleek look and you can ride it just casually around the neighborhood or to work like a professional. The design of the bicycle comprises of a 21 Speed 700C Aluminium frame that is durable and light and it is perfect for a smooth and a comfortable ride. The quick release, front wheels and an aluminium quick stand are paired with a Shimano shifter and a derailleur that also helps you to shift gears smoothly and casually. The tires are also designed in a smooth and a comfortable manner, which makes it smooth on the roads.

This racing bike is both aesthetic as well as aerodynamic as far as the design is concerned. The color schemes are great for both men and women of all ages and you can choose from a variety of attractive options. These are one of the most stylish bikes that are good looking and would look great on the road. The bike offers both aesthetic pleasure as well as joy of riding for riders. This is an entry-level bike that is different in quality and price when compared to an advanced level bike and it comes at a cheaper price as well. The bike comprises of a 21-speed function, which is intended for entry-level users and works well in all areas as well.

The pricing of the bike

The Merax Finiss 21 Speed 700C Road Bike is priced economically that ranges from $219.99 to $239.99 depending on the size and the color of the bike. Though it is not very expensive compared to the advance level bicycles, it is below 300 dollars that makes it worth buying as well.

The specifications of the bicycle

·The bicycle is a 21 speed one

·It is strong but light in weight

·The bike has a 700C Steel Thread less fork

·The front derailleur comprises of Shimano TZ-31 and the back comprises of Shimano SA050 with Aluminum Caliper brakes.

·The handle bar measures 420mm

·Kenda tires are what bike stands on and this tire makes the bike smooth running and easy to handle as well.


·It is designed and manufactured for road use and is light, aerodynamic, and sturdy as well

·The bike has an aerodynamic design and is functional with respect to its design

·The Shimano gears and the aluminum caliper brakes are great for the rider who is searching for a racing bike at an affordable price

·The Kendra tires are positioned on Aluminum A5 rims

·This bike is the best quality compared to all racing bikes and people who are searching for an economical racing bike can buy the same.

·It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and are available for men as well as women


·It is important that the bike be taken to a professional expert for assembling, as it does not come assembled.

·This bike does not arrive tuned of assembled.


Though there are some negative aspects of this bike, this bike is excellent when the aerodynamic frame is considered. Unlike all road bikes that are known to have cylindrical frames, the Merax Finiss has a flattened frame, which is aerodynamic and can reach the required destination within just a flick of an eye. Though this bicycle is not of the highest quality, it is definitely the one that an amateur should try out.

If you are looking for a racing bike and you are new in the field of riding, then the Merax Finiss aluminum bike is the one you should opt for at an affordable price and varied features.



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