The Libero 1.6 men’s Road Bike from Giordano has been designed for the escalating professionals /low-level entry riders. Basically, this is a bike that is meant for everyone. You have the variable settings, mass, and specialized elements of the competitive road bikes while getting the price point of an amateur

Giordano can be termed a first-rate brand name amongst the road bikes meant for entry level riders with an average price. A first-rate cycle that is of a superior quality compared to the additional lower-priced beginner models is Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike.

In return for a sensible cost of less than $500, this model presents a light weighing, dependable, and comfy journey for road biking, working out, entertainment, and racing. Offered in a gorgeous red and Black color scheme, this bike is purchasable in three sizes, namely, Small, Medium, and Large. All three sizes have the same price of a nominal $449.99.

This archetypal road bike from Giordano has undergoneimprovement and has become improved than ever before. This model‘s been designed keeping in mind the roadie fitness aficionados, informal riders, and the individuals on the lookout for a cycle that is of a superior quality compared to any entry-level cycle. Thus, this cycle is the ideal option for those seeking a reasonably priced cycle for using in numerous entertainment purposes.


Details on the sizes

Small: this size Fits riders with a stature of between 5 feet 1 inch and 5 feet 8 inches

Medium: This size fits riders with a stature of between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet

Large: This size fits riders with a stature of between 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 5 inches

Technical details and characteristics

· It weighs less and is manually made from 6061 Aluminum

· Its Brakes are of the Linear Pull type

· It weighs between: 26 and 32 lbs based on the sizes

· It has a Wheel Size of 700c / 29

· Its Rims have 32 Spokes, and are Quick Release, High-Profile, and made from Alloy

· Its Stem measures 1 1/8 inch and is Thread less

· Its color is Black / Red

· Its features Shimano Claris STI Shifters of 16 Speed & Derailleur Drive Train:

· It features a couple of Water Bottle Mounts

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The bike is very gorgeous and has an excellent design. Its comfortable nature and light weight are beneficial to those keen on some intense training with unproblematic hauling. Its Shimano Claris STI shifters of 16 Speed are grand, user-friendly, and shift effortlessly. Its derailleurs operate virtually flawlessly even ahead of any tune up being performed. Its cranks are of superior quality also. Its handle bar tape’s of superior quality compared to others. Coming in the box is a kickstand and it’s really worth using.

Talking about wheel rims that are frequently of inferior quality in bikes of average prices, those of this bike is certainly of superior quality compared to those of Vilano Shadow, as an instance.

Despite the fact that a number of bikes make use of aluminum frames for reducing costs, the aluminum frame of this bike from Giordano has been handmade and is of premium quality. It has a light weight while being sufficiently strong for handling widespread road use.


Its brakes are just about okay for entry level bike bikers and you’ll require a clearance of between 2 and 5 feet for coming to a halt after running at top speed.

Its wheels could need amply tuning, especially it’s front wheel. This is an additional reason behind the importance of tuning up your bike ahead of use.

Best parts

Besides being an attractive bike having a grand style for road usage it gives a good return for the money you invest. Its materials happen to be a great deal superior quality compared to lower-priced models. Though the brakes could have been better, the shifters and gears are of premium quality and operate flawlessly.

This bike has many uses that include entertainment, fitness, commuting, racing, climbing, and more.

Its tubes are extremely rock-hard and its tires are consistent and operate in all climatic conditions. However, due to being a standard stock you can upgrade based on your preference. However, that isn’t a necessity.


The model is unexpectedly excellent straight out of the package. Though its best performance comes following a tune up, its gears, seat, tires, shifters, and additional components operate truly great. Numerous bikes of the caliber and cost of this model fail to always offer such excellent quality elements. This is a certain plus point if this model.

A real downside of this model’s the brakes. However, you can get this fixed easily at a low price of around $10 by buying a respectable set of brakes.

The model has light weighing aluminum frame that has been handmade and is of premium quality.

Overall, this road bike’s functionality is first-rate, except for its poor brakes.


The bike from Giordano is offered on for as low as $449.99, which includes shipping.



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