With so many products on the market, choosing the right one is quite challenging. Of course, you will never be too wrong with your choice since most manufacturers will always try to create the best bike that they could possibly make. That’s why you could always go to the shop and purchase a bike right away. You will be testing the bike on the spot anyway, so you will less problems to deal with. However, the real question that almost every buyer is asking is the value that they will get based on the price that they will be paying. Buyers always want to get the highest value on the price.

So, if that is your goal when searching for your very own best road bike, then we could help you out. Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike is one of the best bike that you could get at a certain price. The quality of its components are top notch, even for an entry level bike. You will definitely get a lot for the price that you will be paying. With those things being said, we are going to review Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike right now, to give you a better idea of what this bike is all about.

Diamondback Bicycles

The Frame

For every road bike, the frame is one of the factors that should be considered. Aside from it holds the components of the bike together, it also determines the weight and the durability of the road bike. That’s why if you are planning to buy a bike of any kind, you should look at the frame first. It is one of the most noticeable part anyway.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, which is perfect for anyone looking to own a bike that does not weigh too much. Also, the aluminum frame is quite durable. It will surely last for quite some time even with your riding style. This type of frames are best for both experienced and newcomers. The carbon fiber fork is also lightweight.

The Wheels

Of course, the wheels are also a factor that will determine how the bike will work in real situations. Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike has one of the best wheels that you could get at this price range. They will definitely get your going on any terrains that you want to travel on. The outstanding wheels results to a speedy road bike that is capable of running for miles. There is nothing that you could ask for with these wheels’ performance.

Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike’s wheels are made on Shimano hubs. It means that they will perform what they promised to do. Also, it has Equation SE, which is quite the same as the previous built. It can withstand rough roads with no problem. All of those at a good speed. Definitely worth the price tag that it carries. These wheels give comfort and speed all at one.

The design

The design of a road bike is quite significant too since it gives us the first impression of the bike. If they bike looks good, of course, we would believe that the bike is also good. It will somehow sets our expectations. Luckily, with Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike, its look matches its actual performance. This road bike’s looks and performance are outstanding. However, let’s talk about its outside appearance.

Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike looks durable and sleek. The finishing makes it smooth and nice to touch on. It is basically attractive whatever way you’ll look at it. The color of the frame is dark red, which is quite cool and will makes you feel energetic on some way.

The Groupset

At this price range, the groupset is well-balanced. It has carefully considered the quality and the price that will be paid by the buyers. If you are looking for the best value that your money can buy, Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike is a good candidate. The components of this road bike are durable and capable.

Some of the components are from lower tier of Shimano range, it is definitely a good thing. Although, there are higher standards available, it is still a good deal considering the price tag. The crank is also welcome since it is an “FSA Tempo Triple.” These cranks are quite heavy but they are one of strongest.

The Brakes

If you are riding on a mountainous terrain where the trail is quite unpredictable, you will surely need a good brake to ensure your own safety. The brake will give you more control to the bike that you are riding on. If you are travelling on a downward slope, the brake will become one of the most important components of your bike. By the way, Diamondback Century 1 Road Bike has AVID Disc Brakes. It certainly has a strong stopping power even though it is a bit heavier. AVID Disc Brakes are smooth and powerful enough for any riding styles.


Overall, it is great that bikes like this are available on the market. If you want the best value for your money, then you should not look any further. Bikes that runs on any terrain are quite hard to perfect. Although, this bike is not perfect, it certainly does what it promises to do. That is to give you a lot of excitement and enjoyment.

Diamondback Bicycles


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